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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


The Amazing People at 'SAVE YOUR SOLES' are collaborating with me providing soles for my next S/S collection that will be showcased on London Fashion Week Feb 2012 here is a little bit of info on what they are all about.......

 With spending cuts in full swing, and the VAT rise looming, women are looking for cheaper ways to maintain their desire for designer shoes – by rushing out to buy specially customised shoe soles made in the instantly recognisable colours of brands such as Christian Louboutin.

Available from just £9.95, sales of bespoke soles from www.saveyoursole.co.uk have doubled in the run up to Christmas – as women seek to prolong the life of their existing designer shoes rather than spend over £300 on a new pair, or even sneakily add some ‘designer’ red soles to their high street shoes to give them a luxury feel. Once bought, the soles can be taken to a cobbler and easily applied to any pair of shoes in minutes. 

Even the rich and famous don’t always escape the embarrassment of being spotted wearing worn shoes. Kim Kardashian revealed her scuffed Louboutin soles at a New York Nicks basketball game this week, while Christina Aguilera showed hers to the nation on the Jay Leno show. And with 1 in 4 women admitting that they judge others by their shoes*, shoppers are feeling the pressure to make sure that their footwear looks premium, even if it’s years old.

Amanda Collins, owner of www.saveyoursole.co.uk, says: “Research has shown that women spend over £16,000 on shoes in their lifetime, and have around 19 pairs tucked away in their wardrobe – so it makes sense that we’re now looking to prolong the life of the footwear we already have rather than splashing out hundreds of pounds on new pairs of designer shoes in the current economic climate.

“We used to have around 10 calls a week from people trying to track down our soles, but that has increased to over 100 a day. Most women can’t afford a new pair of designer heels and want to get their old shoes looking refreshed in time for Christmas party season, and we have a fair few customers who buy the same colour soles as their favourite designer in order to add a bit a designer glitz to their high street purchases.”

For more information please contact Amanda Collins at amanda@saveyoursole.co.uk or on 0844 504 9676

*Additional research from One Poll for gocompare.co.uk

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