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Friday, 9 March 2012

Can You Spot The Invisible Man?

The invisible man: Liu Bolin's amazing camouflage artwork

After all of his works presented in 2009, here is some new work by Chinese artist LiuBolin hiding in the city with the art of camouflage. He is covered with paint in a fixed position. So can you spot him out? 

He says he sees his work as a statement on the world and its anonymous inhabitants. "My urban camouflage paint series began after Suojia Village Art Campus where I was working was shut down by the Chinese government," said the 38-year-old artist. "My resistance to the force of governments made me experience the life of people with no social status, no job, no family, no income and this was the emotional reason I began my series of works. My pieces talk about the question of the social status of art in general. In my work the artist is hiding to restore his strength and to protect himself."

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