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Friday, 4 May 2012

Luke Dixon - Artist

Luke Dixon is a North East based Artist and a recent Fine Art graduate from Northumbria University. His work is his perception of capturing everyday life, the expression of emotion, and how we deal with everything in-between. At the same time, line and aesthetics take rank over the concept for each piece of art he creates. With these idea’s together Luke finds himself producing work that is a reflection of himself, as a tool in which to express ways that opens up an area for interpretation. He feels fundamentally his work is rooted in the idea that technique can be just as strong a communication, as the idea and concept in art – this then in turn tries to capture a refined visual experience in which an interpretation can be established into a universal and personal connection.

All his work is drawn, inked, and then either left alone or manipulated into how he first envisaged the final piece to be. His love and border-line obsession for drawing is the catalyst to establishing narratives throughout his work; this has been the foundation for him to finding his distinctive style. This distinct practice as a result, crosses boundaries of various media – He finds his work, although with Fine Art tuition has always had close graphic/illustration tendencies. This in turn has opened him up to a lot more influences, from Egon Schiele right through to picking up the ‘stencil graffiti’ book at the age of 15. Ten years on and he plans to look towards bigger things.

Click on the link below to check out his website and more of his amazing work.


I just love his work, his drawings are so amazing to look at, the detail is unreal.
He is from the same area as me in the north east of England. 
I love fellow Northern support.

Watch this space for a Luke Dixon and Elizabeth Dunn Collaboration.

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