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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cleo B. Shoes that ...BOOM

Cleo B Spring/Summer 2012 collection British shoe designer Cleo B’s latest collection is taking it back the days of early hip hop, when music was a way of life and trickled into all you did, like a soundtrack to your days. At first glance, you could well mistake the names for a roll call of hip hops finest moments, ‘Jam Master Jay’, ‘Sugarhill’, ‘Homeboy’, ‘Tricky’. Well, think of this collection as homage to all things hip hop – cassette tapes, boom boxes and of course, Run DMC. The trios first single, ‘It’s like that/ Sucker MCs’, now a classic anthem, was the inspirational centre piece for the collection.
The vibrant rainbow of colours throughout this collection is reminiscent of hip hops golden years and the in thing was to be as outrageous as you wanted. Intense hues, subtle detailing and a sexy, yet elegant feel, the designer’s ethos of ‘conveying uniqueness elegantly and creatively’ is strongly present. Standout pieces like the ‘Boom’ sandal, with metallic snakeskin and strap detail, and the ‘Sucker MCs’ custom made gold cassette tape heels are craaaazy! Team any of the pieces with the cassette tape pouch or wallet and you are good to go. Shoe clips (available in gold cassette, silk ruffle or crystal) are versatile enough to be worn with either your favourite heels or box fresh trainers. Love it. For a hip hop loving sneaker freak, like myself, S/S 12 is one of my favourite collections yet.
You will also be able to visit Cleo B’s stall at next February’s London Fashion Week or if you can’t wait that long, indulge yourself at www.cleob.com. I mean, Christmas is only a matter of days, so you may as well treat yourself to some shoes you’ll love for life, not just for Christmas.

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