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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Mikio Sakabe

I think key to bringing in these anime/mange/pop-culture references into fashion is to keep them as surreal and uncomfortable as possible without resorting to either overt sexualization or shock value.  If you are careful, as Mikio Sakabe has been, it can be an opportunity to let pop-culture tell us something about the way the human body can be depicted, which is obviously a key role that fashion has to play in society.  I suppose you could quite easily dismiss it as cosplay, but there is a point to be made here and the current wave of young Japanese designers seem to be very focused on making it.
On more practical matters there are an impressive number of stockists out there for past and future collections and Fake Tokyo ship internationally if you are after the current collection themed on the iconography of fast food.  Regardless of your personal fashion persuasion Mikio Sakabe has to be worth your time, even if only for the showmanship of it all.
Check out their website - www.mikiosakabe.com

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