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Thursday, 12 April 2012

She dressed in black...... ED Footwear on loverly Rhi's blog

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"Those sugarplum shoe fairies also happened upon a little gated street, circa 2007/2008, behind the Royal Hospital in Whitechapel, London. Inhabited, for the most part, by University of the Arts students. There they discovered the lovely Elizabeth Dunn and shared some of their fabulous footwear magic with her too. I was lucky enough to live on the aforementioned little gated street at that time, just a few doors away from the talented Miss Dunn herself - and now she makes the sorts of shoes that dreams are made of. Her 2013 Tran-Seasonal collection features handpainted sunset shoes and my personal shoe collection would be absolutely complete with the addition of those nude and aqua delights, gorgeous! She also writes a fabulous blog sharing insights into her collection, fashion inspiration and more gorgeous shoes than you could possibly imagine. Check out - Lizarella // See her cuurent & previous collections on www.elizabethdunn.co.uk. "

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  1. theres prolly someone outthere who really wants them and they cant cause you bought them & trynna resell for double the retail value nigga pleaseeee GTFO!craig