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Monday, 6 February 2012

Cat Potter MA LCF Fashion Footwear.

Cat Potter's wooden "shoes" landed in my inbox a while back and they got me salivated for the exhibition if her peers were going to be anywhere near as focused as her collection.  Working with University College London and their 3-axis milling machines, normally used in architecture to create much larger scale building components, Cat wanted to bypass the conventional shoe components and create an object out of wood that would gradually build up from a rectangular block to a more shoe-like sandal shape.  Functionality wasn't the goal here as Cat wanted to explore an entirely alternative mode of construction.  Blending in furniture and architecture into footwear isn't entirely new but it's interesting that these "shoes" take the methodology behind those aforementioned fields  and applies them to footwear.  It's an extreme that can really only be appreciated when you see Cat's future work which hopefully we will see more of.

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