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Monday, 6 February 2012

Dr. Martens Bespoke shoe experience

Dr. Martens Bespoke shoe experience where I had my gnarly feet measured for all to see in the basement of Dover Street Market and last week, I went up to Northampton to Dr. Marten'sWollaston Cobb Lane factory to see my shoe finished up.  This one factory is the sole survivor after a dramatic cull back in 2002, with over 1,000 jobs lost, when Dr. Martens were making huge profit losses and were forced to source production to China where a majority of their boots are made today.  Therefore, the significance of Dr. Martens making some of their shoes (their 'Made in England' collection and now, their bespoke and premium line products) in England again, cannot be OVER emphasised.  It's the difference between fifty or so people having something to do and not.  Now the future is looking even brighter with the factory about to expand and take on new members of staff.  They're looking to train a new generation of shoe makers to revive what is an ebbing industry in Northampton, an area that was once rife with shoe manufacture.

This is a great example of the shoe making process, especially a company with such history and prestige. great to have an inside view on how it all works. 

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