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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Joanne Stoker - New-Gen Footwear Designer


Graduating from the prestigious Cordwainers College in 2009 with a Masters in Footwear Design, Joanne has won many awards including the ITS international competition hosted in Italy, First into Fashion Award with Jimmy Choo and Melanie Rickey, and the Footwear Friends Award sponsored by the British Footwear Association.
She went on to complete a mentorship with Jimmy Choo before establishing her own luxury label last year. Her aesthetic is inspired by her time spent exploring the scale and dynamics of revolutionary construction work, building maquettes for iconic London projects such as the Pinnacle, London

more info on her:

Design background: Joanne graduated in 2009 from Cordwainers (London College of Fashion) with a Masters in footwear. She studied for her BA in Fashion and Textile Design at Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Before founding her shoe label, Joanne trained with Paul Thomas as a bespoke shoe designer, handcrafting footwear. She also has experience as an architectural model maker for MJL Construction and Engineering, as well as work in London and New York as a surface textile designer in embroidery, print and embellishment.
Career highlight: “Winning the First Into Fashion competition with mentoring from Jimmy Choo.”
Design signatures: “Art Deco architecture has always been a big influence on my work but my research always draws on something new too, mainly through a series of photographs taken on my travels. Jewellery and metal also work to influence my designs, especially in the development of new heel shapes.”
What is your brand philosophy? “Never forget the timeless artifacts of the past but always look to the future when creating something new.”
How would you describe the Joanne Stoker woman? “Aged between 25 – 45, she takes a little bit from everywhere and mixes it all up.”
Trademark piece: The clasp heel
Price range at retail: £300 upwardsThree autumn/winter 2012 inspirations: “Tinsel, tarot cards and the universe.” 

What does 2012 hold for your brand? “More exciting projects and new heel shapes.” 

What is your favourite decade in fashion? “The twenties.”

Where do you go in London to seek artistic inspiration? “East.”
Love her stuff and a fellow Cordwainer, doing do really well for herself.
And a girl also from the north east like myself, love it!

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